Andrea’s Sweater–The Before Picture

What am I thinking? I have pictures taken of Andrea’s gray sweater that I finished last spring, and I haven’t posted a

How to Knit a Sweater

thing. Andrea (twenty-something) told me she wanted a sweater that was skin tight (her words). After clearing it with her mom (hey, Andrea’s an adult but her mom is my sister) I chose a K6P2 rib for the body stitch and zero ease. The rib has enough stretch to hug her curves–an easy trick for a the budding Lana Turner out there (I am totally dating myself with that reference). The lower neckline is for a wide cowl neck.

I also got myself in a little trouble on this one.

How to Design a Sweater

I got to the shoulders and realized I hadn’t calculated the number of stitches in the body to allow not only for a whole number of stitch repeats, but a matching number front and back so my pattern would match at the shoulders. Trying to seam the shoulders without matching patterns looked really messy. By sheer good fortune I was able to change to a K2P2 rib on the last inch of the shoulders that ended up matching front to back. This is what knitters (and quilters) call a design decision. I’ll post pictures of the finished sweater next time.

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