A Thought for the New Year

I’m from Seattle, one of the nation’s hotbeds of New Age thought (what my husband calls woo-woo).   Now, I love this stuff as much as the next person, but I often find the writing in these publications to be, well, turgid.  But I picked up a copy of the New Spirit Journal anyway, a local woo-woo newspaper, because it was free.  Nestled between articles entitled “Our Animal Friends” and “What Does Your Forehead Reveal About You?”, I found the following, which I thought was lovely, and that I want to share.  Part of it, anyway.

From “The Path of Authenticity:   Seven Stepping Stones to a Life of Joy” by Melody Larson

First Stone:  Be Happy for No Reason.

There’s nothing you need to become, nothing that needs to happen, in order for you to be happy.  Happiness is simply a choice.  Let go of the “when/then” game:  When I lose 10 pounds, then I’ll be happy.  When I know my purpose, then I’ll be happy.

Here’s the deal:  happiness doesn’t come when you’ve achieved your goals; it’s what allows you to achieve them.  The happiness that you seek is not the reward waiting for you at the end of your journey.  It’s what makes the journey possible in the first place.”

My “takeaway” from this is to not beat myself up over imperfections, like the speed at which this site is coming together.  I’m a WordPress newbie–‘nough said.

What I hope to share soon are photos of the sweaters I am working on.  Besides the one that I am knitting in the videos (still in progress!)  I am working on a cowl neck for another niece in a very nice medium gray Cascade 220 and one for myself in Katmandu tweed in an eggplant color. Never mind the stuff I’ve bought with no plan in mind–maybe I’ll show that later and take suggestions.

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