Andrea’s Sweater and…Grounded!

Andrea wore the sweater I made her to a family get-together on Saturday:

Easy Knitting Design

Gray sweater in Cascade 220

In the meantime, I’ve determined that the shooting pains in my wrists and thumbs were not arthritis, but tendonitis, brought on by a pre-Christmas blitz to finish Annabelle’s jacket (picture coming soon). A little research online brought me to the horrifying news that I need to cease the offending activity for THREE WEEKS. Icing, stretching and no knitting. The good news is, of course, that it’s not the deterioration of actual bone and joint, but muscle soreness–all fixable. But still.

It has been brought home to me just how much I depend on knitting as part of my daily rituals. Watching videos or listening to podcasts is excruciating without something to do with your hands. That leaves doing dishes or folding laundry. Maybe things aren’t that desperate yet.

Wait! I can do a lot of blocking. I just invested in a real blocking board, and I’m going to haul out the last sweater I knit in pieces (before going over to the one piece sweater method). It’s been sitting in a corner for a couple of years now. I also have Carolyn’s Sweater to block–a boxy cardigan, the pattern for which I’m hoping to share soon.

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