http://easyknittingdesign.comFinally got my entrelac scarf blocked–I have been wearing it unblocked all winter (and still getting compliments).  But the blocking tidied up the edges very nicely.

In case you’re wondering, it took two skeins of Crystal Palace Mochi Plus.  This color is (I think) Tapestry Rainbow, but any color of Mochi Plus would be yummy.  And the self-striping causes non-knitters to think she’s oh-so-clever and what-a-great-eye-for-color-she-has.  Never one to keep my yap shut, I always explain about self-striping yarn. And they’re so amazed–it reminds me of what a terrific invention yarns like this are.  I used the Entrelac Tutorial & Scarf Pattern by knittyotter.  My first entrelac project, and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased.  Even if I couldn’t  crop my ratty sweatshirt out of the picture.

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