Have I Been Doing It Wrong All These Years?

Watch this video by Berocco on casting on. Watch the long tail cast on closely. Is this how you do it? After scooping the thumb yarn, I have always brought my needle over the top of the index finger yarn (clockwise) and though the thumb loop. In this video the narrator brings her needle under and over the top (counterclockwise) of the index finger yarn. I tried this a few times and think the difference is the way the loop way gives the stitch the proper twist. I am still working swatches to see if they look any different.

The Berocco videos, by the way, are terrific. You can get on their mailing list and get notified every time there’s a new one.

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2 Responses to “ Have I Been Doing It Wrong All These Years? ”

  1. Lois Jones Says:

    tLoishe difference I think is that she is using the ball yarn over her thumb .
    any other videos I have seen use the tail yarn over the thumb and go over the thread on the finger.

  2. admin Says:

    You’re right. She has the ball yarn over the thumb and grabs the second yarn from underneath.

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