Other Knitting Resources

This is a sprinkling of some of my favorites.


  • Walker, Barbara G.  A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Pittsville, WI:  Schoolhouse Press, 1998.  301 pp.  When you’re ready to try stitch patterns, this is the book to turn to.  This, and Walker’s sequels:  A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, A Third.., A Fourth….  And just when you think there aren’t any more patterns, look at….
  • Walker, Barbara.  Mosaic Knitting. Pittsville, WI:  Schoolhouse Press, 2006.  259 pp.  A huge collection of color patterns that use slipped stitches rather than intarsia or Fair Isle.  No carrying yarn across the back of the piece.

KNITTING ON THE NET offers very handy charts of estimated yarn requirements.
YOUTUBE:  an ever-changing variety of knitting videos.  Search on “knitting”.

Lucy Neatby has produced excellent videos loaded with tips and techniques.

Your local yarn store (LYS) is an excellent place to get instruction and advice, as well as yarn.

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