• Knitting for Everyone Else:  Sweaters for Babies, Children and Men

    The following resources were used in the making of my videos:

    Vogue Knitting Quick Reference: The Ultimate Portable Knitting Compendium This is the book I always carry in my knitting bag. When I need a reminder on decreasing from the purl side, or a quick look at a long list of techniques, this more often than not has the answer.

    Sweater Design in Plain English
    Sweater Design in Plain English, by Maggie Righetti. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1990. 406 pp. The author is very knowledgeable and very encouraging. Although there is a good index, I recommend you take your time and read the book when you have time to do so in a leisurely way, not just when you’re desperate for a quick answer. The author is enjoyable to read, very experienced, and provides lots of tidbits that will leave you feeling like a more experienced knitter without picking up the needles.

    The Knitter’s Guide to Sweater Design, by Carmen Michelson and Mary-Ann Davis. . Loveland, CO: Interweave Press, 1989. 398 pp. More than you ever wanted to know about sweater design. Possibly out of print, this exhaustive source includes numerous graphs and charted patterns.

    Big Book of Knitting , by Katharina Buss. Originally published in German, this English version is one of my favorite reference books. The author  shows lots of necklines, finishing, etc., and whenever I have a question that goes beyond my Vogue Knitting Quick Reference (see above), this is the first place I turn.

    INTERNET : An excellent series of free videos showing knitting basics and beyond.

    Susanna Hansson, an expert knitter and fabulous teacher with a special talent in Scandinavian knitting techniques.

    Other knitting resources I like and use:

    A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker. When you’re ready to try stitch patterns, this is the book to turn to. This, and Walker’s sequels: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, A Third …, A Fourth …
    …. And just when you think there aren’t any more patterns, look at….

    Mosaic Knitting, by Barbara Walker.  A huge collection of color patterns that use slipped stitches rather than intarsia or Fair Isle. No floats (carrying yarn across the back of the piece).

    Domino Knitting (Knitting Technique series) I had the good fortune to take a class on domino knitting from Vivian Hoxbro at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival. She is a lovely person and teaches a very fun class. Best of all, she brought a pile of sweaters made from her gorgeous kits and let us try them on! What with my class handouts and personal instruction, I didn’t think this little book would have much to add, but was I wrong. Lots of different ways to knit these little squares, some darling patterns, plus some very well-illustrated tips: the lesson on how to knit in ends easily was worth the price of the book alone. I love this book–a staple in a knitter’s library.

    Lucy Neatby has produced excellent videos loaded with tips and techniques.  I’m not crazy about her color combinations, but I’m here for the techniques.  Great accent.  The lighting and production values are excellent.  I read a glowing review of one of these DVD’s and thought:  yeah, right, but I was thrilled with the tips I picked up.  Let’s just say binding off is a lot easier than it used to be.
    Knitting Essentials 1
    Knitting Essentials 2
    Knitting Gems 1
    Knitting Gems 2
    Knitting Gems 3

    LYS:  Your local yarn store is an excellent place to get instruction and advice, as well as yarn.

    Fiber Festivals and Knitting Conferences:  Vast candy stores for fiber lovers, usually with classes taught by talented,  nationally- ( internationally!) known experts.  The Events tab at Knitters Review has a fairly complete calendar of fiber festivals with locations so you can find one in your area.  Also worth a plane trip–knitters hang out for days at these get-togethers, often staying in the same hotel.

    By purchasing books and DVD’s through this site, you help support my efforts to bring you more knitting videos, and it costs you the same. Thanks!  



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