Magical Thinking

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

I always caution against what I call magical thinking.  I’ve said it on my youtube videos, in my e-book, to new knitters–if there’s a problems, STOP.  Continuing to knit, hoping the problem will solve itself, is magical thinking, and it doesn’t work.  Is your gauge wrong? STOP–your sweater won’t fit.  Have you reached the armholes of your sweater (the halfway point) but two-thirds of your yarn is used up?  STOP–call your yarn store NOW and see if they have any more.

And yet, in spite of all my well-intentioned advice to others, I did it again.  
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Next Up on the Needles

Friday, January 8th, 2010

One of my New Year’s resolutions (OK, my only one) is to buy no new yarn until I’ve finished at least a couple more projects. Or more fabric for that matter–I’m also a quilter, and actual sewing has slowed to the point where I now refer to myself as a mere fabric collector.

cardigan sweater

Avocet B by Berroco

Anyway, holding off on buying yarn doesn’t mean I can’t dream. Came across this wonderful, free Berroco pattern, Avocet B, on their website, which will be perfect for some Berroco Ultra Alpaca I already have in a wonderful heathery green. But can I resist the urge to tweak this pattern? I’ll definitely be adjusting for fit, and probably be knitting it as a seamless, one-piece sweater. There’s plenty of time, as there are at least two projects on the needles ahead of it.


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