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Knitting Double Pick-Ups

I read an article once about a technique called “double pick-up.” I have been meaning and meaning to try it, and ideally upload a video about it. Presto! Knitca on youtube has done it already. She calls it a double neckband. Embedding is disabled, but you can click the link. Check out this lovely finishing technique.

Call Me a Yarn Ho

Loved this.  From Yorkshire Yarns, near Tacoma, WA.

Stashbusting for Good

Wondering about what to do with some of that leftover yarn? Knit-a-Square is doing wonderful work helping AIDS orphans in Africa by supplying knitted items assembled from knitted and crocheted squares donated from around the world. Watch this touching video and read more about their work at knit-a-square.com .

Free Class on Short Rows

I am in the process of watching a FREE online class from Craftsy on short rows, and I have to say it is excellent.  Designer Carol Feller covers three methods:  wrap and turn, Japanese, and yarn over, plus her variation on wrap and turn.  Clear shots, good closeups, and best of all, good explanations.  When I am learning something, I like to get more than just the “how to.”  I want the why and the wherefore.  Feller talks about the structure of short rows, how all the techniques are related, how to choose a method, and (gasp!) mixing techniques.

Sweater Yoke

Free Short Row Video Tutorial on Craftsy

I have always loved the look of Japanese short rows (and the yarn over for garter stitch), but had only memorized the wrap and turn method.  Using the others meant poring over written instructions.  I don’t knit at a desk–I am lounging in my special chair, and there aren’t flat surfaces to conveniently lay out papers.  After viewing these videos, I feel I had the big picture, which makes it much easier to dredge up the technique from memory.

I tend to get a little impatient when watching videos, but this one encourages you to knit along with the instructor, which also helps you lock in the method.

Yes, you’ll be on Craftsy’s list, but did I mention it’s free?  No purchase required, which means more money for yarn.


Only 12 Hours Left! A Spinner Needs Our Help!

I just stumbled on this funny, well-done video on the crowdfunding site indiegogo.com.  Check it out.  Gotta go and join so I can score my handspun yarn.

A Great Tip on Buttonholes

Placing buttons can be a pain. Here’s an awesome tip from EunnyJang at Knitting Daily.

You Have Got to Watch This

I got a kick out of this youtube video:

And Now You Know the Rest of the Story…

Am I the only one old enough to remember Paul Harvey? Anyway, looking through my blog posts I realized I havent’t posted all of my youtube videos here on my blog. I left off at three-needle bind off–whoa! There’s lot’s more. I’m loading the rest (i.e., the rest for finishing the sweater) into this one post.

After seaming shoulders with a three-needle bind-off,
you will start the Sleeve Cap (Part 1):


Followed by the Sleeve Cap, Part 2

Then work the rest of The Tapered Sleeve, Part 1:

And The Tapered Sleeve, Part 2

Almost done! Finish up the the Neck Ribbing, Part 1

…and Part 2:

Stop the clock!


yarnbomb at public library I was sitting outside one of my favorite coffee places this morning thinking the trees outside needed some decorative knitting. My next stop was the library, where I found a lovely example of knitting graffiti.                

Sweaters for Babies, Children and Men

I’ve had several requests for videos on knitting sweaters for children and men (have NONE of you heard of the Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater?) And yes, I’m planning to create those videos, but leave us face it (as my MIL used to say), I’m slow at cranking these things out. And I just answered a question on Ravelry about this very subject, so I thought I’d make it available to everyone. To keep things simpler, I freely reference my knitting videos on youtube. Here is a very abbreviated version of what I call Knitting for Everyone Else.

You may find it useful to have a chart of sizing standards that The Craft Yarn Council has published here.


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